Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. How many is there a channel to enroll to IPB?
    There are six channels to enroll to IPB, which are SNMPTN, SBMPTN, UTMI (Mandiri), International National Achievement Channel (PIN), BUD, and Affirmation. OSIS President and hafidz Qoran included in PIN, along with other academic achievements.
  2. How much is tuition fee in IPB?
    Tuition in IPB using UKT that separated to several class that available in
  3. Are new students of IPB obligated to stay in dormitory?
    First year students or that still in General Competency Education Program (PPKU) obliged to stay in dormitory for one year. Complete information available in
  4. What is the accreditation of faculties and study program in IPB?
    More than 90 percent study program in IPB accredited A. IPB accreditation available in
  5. Can IPB Mandiri selection channel (including OSIS President) propose Bidikmisi scholarship?si?
    IPB doesn’t provide Bidikmisi scholarship for Mandiri channel participant. Bidikmis only provided for those in SNMPTN and SBMPTN.
  6. Are OSIS President channel available for students from agriculture vocational high school (SMK)?
    OSIS President channel only available for High School Science Course graduate
  7. Does IPB have a scholarship for Tahfiz Quran?
    There’s no exclusive scholarship for Hafidz Quran. Basically, every student can propose scholarship as long as they fulfill all the criteria. Information of scholarship available in
  8. Is there an enrollment test for IPB Mandiri
    There is, UTM IPB is a IPB Mandiri channel through written tests
  9. Information for BUD enrollment phase?
    This channel is a collaboration between IPB University and Ministry/Local Government/Corporate/Foundation. Before soon-to-be students sent to enroll in IPB, Ministry/Local Government/Corporate/Foundation must do signing of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Collaboration Agreement Letter (SPK) with IPB. After that, selection process implemented. Complete information related to enrollment BUD channel can be accessed at
  10. Is it true that IPB only accepted UTBK participant as requirement to apply to SBMPTN only from Saintek cluster?
    True, UTBK IPB only for SBMPTN Saintek/IPB.
  11. Vocational School admission fee?
    Admission fee for USMI IPB (Vocational School) is IDR 400.000 as written in