Student Service Center is an education and students administration service unit. Operating since 1 February 2019, SSC providing 35 services both online and offline. Beside served by friendly personnel, visitors also facilitated with a comfortable waiting room. Coffee Shop Botani Nusantara is a supporting facility that also interesting to be enjoyed. This café located side by side with SSC building. 

Service Type of Student Service Center:

 1. Legalized Final Diploma / Transcript in English

 2. Making a Substitute Diploma

 3. Making Substitute Final Transcripts

 4. Making a Translate Diploma / Final Transcript / Semester Transcript

 5. Making a Reprints of Semester Transcripts / Student Cards

 6. Making a Statement of Statement as a College student (Indonesian / English)

 7. Making a Letter of Introduction to a damaged / lost Student Identity Card

 8. Preparation of Certificates of Studying at IPB University

 9. Making Semester Translate Transcripts

 10. Legalized Semester Transcripts

 11. Print the Cumlaude Predicate Certificate

 12. Letter of Invitation for Student Activities

 13. University Transfer Cover Letter

 14. Submission / Legality of Activity Reports / Proposed Activities / Activity Reports

 15. Approval of Activity Reports / Proposed Activities / Activity Reports / Sponsorships

 16. Approval of Activity Certificate

 17. Submission / Approval of Activity Funds

 18. Academic Permit (Contest / Scholarship / Student Activities)

 19. Certificate of Accepting Scholarships / Not Currently Receiving Scholarships

 20. Student Health Care (Pain / Accident / Death) Program

 21. Submission of Transfer of Collective BPJS IPB

 22. IPB University Collective BPJS Registration

 23. Cancellation of Collective BPJS

 24. Submission of Returns for Collective BPJS of IPB University

 25. Green Building / Open Space / Space Loans

 26. Updating Student Data / Forlapdikti

 27. Legalization of Postgraduate School transcripts / transcripts

 28. Invitation to the Postgraduate School Commission Meeting

 29. Active Graduate School Certificate

 30. Postgraduate School Research Permit

 31. Active Letters from Postgraduate School Leavers