College life is closely related to field practice in accordance with the scientific field that is being pursued. Practicum is intended as a means of deepening the material so that students can better understand the practice in real life every day. Here are some field activities of students based on scientific clusters:


1. Faculty of Agriculture

Students of Faculty of Agriculture doing a field practice in several farm, whether its around campus or outside the campus, some of them are Sabisa Farm, experimental field Cikarawang and Cikabayan, Sawah Baru, and Pasir Sarongge Farm. Beside that, students also doing several visits to hydroponic agriculture company and other agribusiness companies.

2. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Beside from doing a practice class in Animal Hospital owned by the faculty, students of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine also doing a field practice to several places like zoos, animal slaughter house, and stable in livestock businesses. Student of Veterinary also routine to be a health examiner of sacrificial animals on Ied Adha in several locations.

3. Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science

Known as blue faculty, students of this faculty are very encouraged to be able to swim because most of the field practices done in the ocean, river, lake, and beach. Besides that, students of Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Science also doing a practice class in the experimental ponds.

4. Faculty of Animal Science

Students of this brown flagged faculty doing a practice classes in the livestock stable (chicken, sheep, cow, horse, and rabbit) whether in the campus or outside, practice in animal slaughtering house, and field trip to livestock companies, feed companies, and up to livestock products processing companies.

5. Faculty of Forestry

Students of Faculty of Forestry beside from doing a practice classes in Forestry Arboretum, also doing other field practices that done in Educational Forest Walat Mountain. Beside that, students of Faculty of Forestry also routine to do an expedition and other field practices in various forest locations in Indonesia.

6. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering

Students of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering beside from spent most of their practice classes time inside various experimental laboratory, also study about various technology with a field trip to industries. Students of Faculty of Agricultural Engineering also have an obligation to do an internship in the related industries. In agriculture machineries field, students of agricultural engineering doing machine assembly activities in Leuwikopo workshop, Dramaga.

7. Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (FMIPA)

Aside from spent most of their time in the laboratories, FMIPA students in certain study program like statistics, mathematics, computer science, and actuarial got a learning program in the fields like commercial companies or government agencies.

8. Faculty of Economic and Management (FEM)

Faculty of Economic and Management in the practice use their time more on doing a study related to economic and business policies. Many of FEM students doing an internship program in national or multinational companies, also government agencies that related to management, economic policies and finance.

9. Faculty of Human Ecology

Faculty of Human Ecology have departments with different scientific focuses, but all three of them generally doing a practice in the society. Students of Nutrition Science doing a field practice in the hospitals. Students of Family and Consumer Science doing their field practices in the Character Education IFSA Labschool, and students of Communication and Community Development doing their field practice directly in the village society.

10. Vocational School

Vocational School focused more on the practices, so that the alumnae ready to work right after college. Students of Vocational School doing their field practices in a various company that related with science of each study program.

11. Business School

Students of Business School beside from got a special opportunity to business mentoring with CEO from famous companies, they also trained to go into businesses directly on the field.