Prof Mukhamad Najib Receives First Place in Partnership Excellence Awards

Prof Mukhamad Najib, IPB University lecturer at the Department of Management, Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) in his capacity as Attaché of Education and Culture (Atdikbud) of the Indonesian Embassy Canberra was awarded the 'Partnership Excellence Awards' in the 4th Unesa's International Forum of University Rectors (UNIFUR).

In the event organized by Surabaya State University (Unesa), Prof Najib won the first rank. While the second rank Partnership Excellence Awards achieved by Atdikbud Embassy in Seoul, Dr. Gogot Suharwoto.

In his speech, Prof Najib thanked Unesa for appreciating the Partnership Excellence Awards in the UNIFUR 2023 event. He admitted that he did not expect to receive this prestigious award.

He also hoped that the award would encourage him to do even better in facilitating increased cooperation between Indonesian and Australian universities.

The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, according to Najib, is always ready to assist universities in Indonesia to carry out productive agendas in connecting and cooperating with campuses in Australia.

"On this occasion, I would also like to invite Unesa students to do internships, capstone projects and teaching practices in Australia. The Indonesian Embassy is always happy to help find a place that suits the needs of students," he said.

"Likewise for lecturers who want to do visiting lecturer and research, or community service in Australia, we are very open and ready to help", added Prof Najib.

The award was given directly by the Unesa Vice Rector for Planning, Development, Cooperation and Information and Communication Technology, Prof Siti Nur Azizah.

According to Prof Azizah, UNIFUR is an annual Unesa activity involving university leaders in various countries and international partners. Unesa, she added, is committed to increasing international cooperation by strengthening partnerships with various universities and world organizations.

She argued that UNIFUR is a good opportunity to give appreciation to partners who have been considered to have contributed to Unesa.

"The Partnership Excellence Awards are given as a form of Unesa's appreciation to partners who have contributed and accompanied UNESA on the journey to improve international cooperation and have a broad impact," explained Prof Azizah.

The 4th UNIFUR 2023 raised the theme 'Tackling Climate Change through Global Inter-Institutional Cooperation'. University leaders from various world campuses attended this event, including university leaders from Korea, Japan, China, Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines and several Eastern European countries. (*/Rz) (IAAS/RUM)

Published Date : 16-Nov-2023

Resource Person : Prof Mukhamad Najib, Prof Siti Nur Azizah

Keyword : UNIFUR 2023, IPB Professor, Partnership Excellence Awards