Students from IPB University Conduct Beach Classes for Fisherfolk Children

The Student Organization Capacity Strengthening Program (PPK Ormawa) team, part of the Fisheries Resource Utilization Department Student Association (Himafarin) at IPB University, has implemented various programs in the village of Sangrawayang, Sukabumi. One of the programs carried out is the establishment of a study group called 'Beach Class.'

Dr Retno Muninggar, a member of the Himafarin team at IPB University, explained that this study group is one of the social innovations used by the PPK Ormawa Himafarin Team to engage the children of fishermen in the village of Sangrawayang. She explained that the 'Beach Class' study group is attended by children aged 6 to 12.

"The activities in the Beach Class consist of learning similar to that in a regular classroom but presented in a more enjoyable format. This learning is routinely conducted every week, on Saturdays or Sundays," said Retno, an IPB University student from the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences.

The IPB University students continued, stating that the Beach Class was formed with the aim of increasing the interest in learning among the children of fishermen in the village of Sangrawayang. Consequently, the children develop a desire to pursue education to higher levels.

Retno mentioned that, in the future, the learning activities will also involve teenagers from the Sangrawayang village, encouraging them to play a role as teachers or mentors. Through this initiative, it is hoped that awareness among the fishing community in Sangrawayang regarding the importance of education will increase. (IAAS/Hap)

Published Date : 20-Nov-2023

Resource Person : Dr Retno Muninggar, Retno

Keyword : IPB in Service, student in service, IPB dedication, Himafarin IPB